Project KHE-STO


Duration: 2013 - 2015


Technical Description: KHE-STO (Know-How for Sustanible Transportation Enhancement Organization) aims to increase the knowledge on sustainable transport during environmental crises and improve public transportation with Information Technology (ICT) instruments. Apart from the Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albanian project involves two NGOs: Albanian Center for Sustainable Development and the National Center for Environmental Movement, with coordinator the University of L'Aquila Italy.

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{xtypo_rounded2}{xtypo_code}WHAT IS INTERNATIONAL LITHOSPHERE PROGRAM (ILP)?{/xtypo_code}


The International Lithosphere Program (ILP) aims to elucidate the nature, dynamics, origin and evolution of the lithosphere through international, multidisciplinary geoscience research projects and coordinating committees.

I L P promotes multidisciplinary research projects of interest to both the geological (IUGS) and geophysical (IUGG) communities.

ILP seeks to achieve a fine balance between: "addressing societal needs", e.g. understanding natural catastrophes and other solid earth processes that affect the biosphere, providing information for improved resource exploration and environmental protection and "satisfying scientific curiosity".

The Integrated Solid Earth perspective is key to the mission of ILP since:

• The Lithosphere is the connection between the deep Earth and the Earth´s surface;

• The Lithosphere is the topic for focused cooperation between geology, geophysics and geotechnology (i.e. the focused interface between IUGS and IUGG);

• Breakthroughs in the study of the Lithosphere can only be achieved through integration of imaging and monitoring, reconstruction and process modelling.{/xtypo_rounded2}


{xtypo_rounded2}{xtypo_code}WHAT ABOUT THE TASK FORCE ON SEDIMENTARY BASINS?{/xtypo_code}


The basic objectives of the ILP Task Force on Sedimentary Basins are:

- 1) to assist the international community of Earth Scientists involved in the study of asthenospheric and deep lithospheric/crustal processes to exchange views with colleagues involved in the study of sedimentary basins, and to promote collaborative projects integrating surface and deep processes for regional case studies;

- 2) to promote regular meetings involving colleagues from universities, research institutes as well as the industry;

- 3) to provide support for young scientists (PhD and post-docs) to participate in the activities of this international network.{/xtypo_rounded2}


{xtypo_rounded2}{xtypo_code}TIRANA MEETING{/xtypo_code}


The 6th annual workshop of the ILP Task Force on sedimentary basins will be held in Tirana from November 7 to 12, including a pre- and a post-conference field trip. It will be hosted by the Polytechnic University, and will focus on DYNAMICS and ACTIVE EARTH PROCESSES affecting the evolution of sedimentary basins and that can be documented in the ALBANIAN NATURAL LABORATORY, or compared with other ANALOGUES worldwide.{/xtypo_rounded2}




Fracophone Digital Campus

Francophone Digital Campus of Tirana offers:
* Space to work (can consult published books)
* Subscribe to several databases related to scientific and technical information
* To assist in local or international scientific conferences through vizio conferences system

* To order articles or theses via the INIST
* To follow a remote master and can take part in training organized by this center.