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Degrees - Doctorate (PhD)

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Polytechnic University offers study programs of third phase at engineering fields and after their completion issues those degrees:

Faculty of Information Technology

  • PhD in Computer Engineering
  • PhD in Telecommunication and Information Engineering

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

  • PhD in Electo- energy profile
  • PhD in Electrotechnics profile
  • PhD in Industry Automation profile

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering profile

Faculty of Civil Engineering

  • PhD in Construction Engineering profile
  • PhD in Geodesy Engineering profile

Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism

  • PhD in Architecture and Urbanism profile

Faculty of Mathematical Engineering and Physics Engineering

  • PhD in Mathematical Engineering, with the Direction of System Analysis
  • PhD in Physical Engineering, with the Direction of Medicine

Faculty of Geology and Mining

  • PhD in Geo-sciences, Resources and Environment