Faculty of Geology and Mining

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Dean:Prof. Dr. Vasil Jorgji


Brief history of FGM

 Faculty of Geology and Mining is the First Higher School in Albania for preparing specialists in all the Branches of Mining Industry Sciences. The aspects of preparing specialists in these sciences have aimed at development of Geology in all its Directions; preparing Mining Specialists for digging, preparing and exploiting useful mineral deposits and Specialists in drilling of gas and oil wells and oil and gas production. 

The preparation of these new Scientific Branches for the first time in our country required for special and restrictive specialties within the School which grew up and developed quickly alongside with the growth of Faculty. The Faculty started to prepare specialists who responded to the demands of development of Mining Industry. The Faculty of Geology and Mining was created and developed in the framework of the Higher Polytechnic Institute of Tirana. On this basis, the students were awarded the title ‘Engineer’ for all the profiles they had studied. This is related to the Profound Engineering Preparation of the Plans and Education Curricula. The same approach continues nowadays. 


  1. Department of Earth Sciences
  2. Department of Applied Geology, Environment and Geo-informatics
  3. Department of Mineral Resources Engineering
  4. Department of Energy Resources 



MASTER of SCIENCE in Geological Engineering 

  1. Engineering Geology and Hidrogeology Profile
  2. Useful Mineral Resources and Petrology Profile
  3. Geology and Hydrocarbons Resources Profile
  4. Geo-informatics Profile 

MASTER of SCIENCE in Natural Resources Engineering 

  1. Energy Resourses Engineering Profile
  2. Processing of Minerals and Wastes Profile
  3. Geomatics Profile
  4. Geoengineering Profile 

MASTER of SCIENCE in Geophysics Engineering 

MASTER of SCIENCE in Geoenvirnmental Engineering 

PhD in Geo-sciences, Resources and Environment