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Faculty of Civil Engineering

  1. BACHELOR in Civil Engineering
  2. BACHELOR in Hydrotechnic Engineering
  3. BACHELOR in Environment Engineering
  4. BACHELOR in Geodesy Engineering

Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism (FAU)

  1. BACHELOR in
  2. BACHELOR in


Faculty of Electrical Engineering

BACHELOR in Electrical Engineering
  1. Energy Profile
  2. Industry Automation Profile

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

  1. BACHELOR in Mechanical Engineering
  2. BACHELOR in Textiles and Fashion Engineering
  3. BACHELOR in Materials Engineering

Faculty of Geology and Mining

  1. BACHELOR in the Earth Sciences Engineering
  2. BACHELOR in Geo-information Engineering
  3. BACHELOR in Geo-resources Engineering

Faculty of Information Technology

  1. BACHELOR in Electronic Engineering
  2. BACHELOR in Computer Engineering
  3. BACHELOR in Telecommunication Engineering

Faculty of Mathematical Engineering and Physics Engineering

  1. BACHELOR in Physics Engineering
  2. BACHELOR in Mathematical Engineering